Trailers and transportation

Use of the trailer’s ramps enables MOBITRAC to access and leave the trailer with ease. The loaded trailer can be towed by a standard car (Fast traffic).

Since the MOBITRAC itself can be driven directly to the site and is easy to use, it is often the case that NO extra help is needed to get started, further reducing its low operational costs.


All goods will be carefully packed. The MOBITRAC can be placed on a pallet for easy loading and unloading

The trailer comes with 2 ramps for easy driving on to the trailer, and has various connecting points for locking the machine for transportation.

Technical information



  • Length of bed: 5,06 M
  • Width of bed: 2,20 M
  • Sides Aluminium height: 30 CM
  • Floor height: 63 CM
  • Tyre size: 195/50 R13
  • Weight loaded: 2700 KG
  • Weight unloaded: 697 KG
  • Ramps: 2 Plates
  • Swivel wheel and winch are standard


The MB-F 209 cutter is easily attached to the front of the machine and its hydraulics. This double acting ESM Busati knife bar doesn’t require water for lubrication. Therefore it can also be used on shore, shallow waters and even marshlands.

The MB-F 209 has a powerful cutting capacity and could be used for thicker reeds.


Waterways and marshland sites don’t always get the attention they deserve. In some cases this results in an outbreak of noxious weeds, reeds and water plants which also alters the natural streaming.

In addition thiscan eventually cause environmental inconveniences:
Swamp-formation, plagues, decompositions, drainage problems, stinking water sources etc. Periodic maintenance by mowing and harvesting is essential.

Typical sites for efficient appliances

  • Natural parks and reservoirs
  • Private and public ponds
  • Marshland and River effluents


MR-R350 Collecting Rake


  • Width: 11.5 pies 2 – 3,50 m
  • Weight: 63 kg

MR-R209 Sweeping Rake

  • Width: 2,10 M
  • Weight: 30 KG

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