MOBITRAC for cleaning your ponds!

10 June 2020

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MOBITRAC specially designed to work on all kind of surfaces, from normal waterways onto land and even in marshlands it will find its way. 
Whether you have water reservoirs, retention or stormwater ponds, various waterways, marshland and or canals running on your property. And you have seen that there is an overgrowth of water plants or even an obstruction in either one of the areas? You can really use the
(Read here for more information about this unique machine.)

Many of you already know, that an overgrown in a water reservoir could result in less storage capacity of water, possible flooding of areas and more. Even the availability of freely running water can be dramatically low. Maybe you need yourreservoir to be filled with water, just for the purpose of using it when there is a fire! Or do you have cattle? You of course want to give them to acces to a water source for sure.

A MOBITRAC is an Amphibious Aquatic Plant Harvester and being used in many industries all over the world. And yes even on FARMS. 

Like to read more about this unique machine? Maybe you want to know what such a unit would cost? Either way! Just send us an email or hit the button below and we will get you the information you are looking for!

Stay safe!


Firefighter Tavares Florida First Job!

6 April 2020


Fireman finished first job with MOBITRAC!

Justin (in Tavares Florida) shared with us the results of
his first job with the MOBITRAC!  Really nice!

He told us: That one of his neighbors had come up to him recently, asking
him if he would be able to clean the shoreline in the front of their house.

The neighbor told Justin that he had been Searching for the best alternative, for taking away the reeds. He did’t want to get out there and spray.
“Spraying is bad for the environment , as you know” , he said to Justin.
“But on the other hand I’m soo fed up with the growth of the reeds at his lake front of the house”. “With a great summer I can’t even get out with my boat really” , “So I need to have something done now.!” 
So that is why he turned to Justin. 

Hearing al this Justin agreed upon this and said;  
“Sure, I can help. I can do that for you! “. 

So off he went yesterday. Sharing the results with us when he finished. 
Started the job.  With taking “a before” and ” an after” picture of the location. The result is big!

Whilst cleaning with the MOBITRAC , cutting and collecting ,
“All the neighbors had to come and spectate” , he shared with us. 
Everybody being soo positive. immediately getting all sorts of requests. 
I am really glad I made the step in Getting a MOBITRAC to help out.
(He told us, will keep you posted on the progress)  

Thank you Justin, for sharing this with us.

Story shared by,
B. John van Dunne